Finding Motivation to Improve Your Health

 Finding Motivation to Improve Your Health

If you receive my email letters, you know I harp on the power of productive habits. Well, this is about how to finally remove excuses and create solid habits.

Because after all you can have all the good intentioned desires in the world but if you just can’t seem to grasp them, life can get pretty disappointing.

I mean we all want fulfillment, self-esteem, and a sense of empowerment don’t we?

There are two very sharp machetes I use that hack through excuses and hesitation.

First, you have to get really clear on the most important REASONS YOU WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE.

These should be near and dear stuff. Like you want to be healthy and active so you can play with your kids or grandkids. Take some time and ID your big reasons. If you are starting to tear up just thinking about your reasons, YOU’VE STRUCK GOLD! 

Hold on to that gold! Write it down. Post it on your bathroom mirror. Put it in your reminders on your mobile phone schedule. Whatever it takes.

This is the magic motivation that’s going to kick you in the butt when you have a day that you just don’t feel like it.

The second thing (and this is the super sharp machete) is to UNCOVER THE BELIEF THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK and CHANGE IT.

You see our subconscious kind of runs us. We decide we want to get more exercise, sleep 8 hours, eat healthy, hydrate more, do the exercises Mike told me to make my back feel better, take the supplements Mike told me to so I’ll have more energy, etc. 😉

If those don’t come easy there is usually a limiting belief in the subconscious as to why it isn’t possible for you to do it. There may be more than one but you can actually toss them out. I’ll tell you how in a minute.

The reason it feels like you’re trying to push a semi-truck uphill with your bare hands is that that mythical story in your subconscious is telling you you can’t do it.

Every time you think of starting your new healthy habit a recording starts playing in the background. There are many complicated scripts but the basic message is “you can’t do it”.

To identify the limiting belief(s) just listen to the mental chatter when you feel hesitant about making the change you want to make.

If you’re in touch with your mental chatter, you might even know what those beliefs are. If you’re not in touch with your mental chatter start paying attention. It can be pretty enlightening.

What message are you hearing? Who is saying it? This will help you understand why it’s there.

Dismiss any anger toward the person saying it because they probably aren’t saying it anymore. Your subconscious is. Don’t get mad at yourself either because this is just normal stuff. It sucks but it’s normal.

The good news is they are just beliefs. NOT REALITY.  And for the beliefs that you don’t like you just have to CREATE NEW BELIEFS.

Did your heart just sink?

I know it sounds daunting and kind of crazy but it’s not. This is exactly how people break world records in sports, bring start-up businesses to huge success, or just finally start flossing their teeth every day.

It’s true that not everyone has to overcome a limiting belief to be successful but many do.

There are countless athletes, business titans, and thought leaders with stories to share about how they never thought they could achieve what they achieved. I’m sure one of them has popped up in your mind now.

So once you ID those limiting beliefs playing in the background, WRITE DOWN THE OPPOSITE BETTER STORY.

“I’m good at this”… “it’s going to help me feel better”… “my body can heal itself”… “I have lots of motivation”… “I can easily make time to do it”

You can get into as much detail as you want but write it down.

Once you write down the new more empowering beliefs you will make them real by repeating them to yourself every day. Not all day.

Read it to yourself every morning right after you wake up. MAKE IT THE FIRST THING YOU DO. Your mind is much more receptive at that time of day. Then read it again right before you go to sleep.

To change the subconscious script requires CONSISTENCY WITH YOUR NEW AND IMPROVED BELIEFS. That’s why you have to read it every day.

There will be easier days and harder days but these tools will help you keep going. If you miss a day or fall off for a week, so what? You can start again.

Once you solidify that new belief and create the habit of action that you want it takes A LOT LESS WORK TO REACH YOUR GOAL.

How long will it take to get easier? Experts in these matters suggest 30-50 days before you have a habit on autopilot. So it varies but it’s probably in that ballpark.

If you run into any roadblocks in the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. This is the stuff that changes lives in a massive way so I’m all about it!

As always, I’m truly grateful to you for letting me help. I’m always here for you and your loved ones. 

Sincerely Yours, Mike Julien

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Finding Motivation to Improve Your Health
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