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Why Great Lab Results Don’t Always = Feeling Great

Why Great Lab Results Don’t Always = Feeling Great If your lab test results are great but you’re still experiencing low energy, anxiety, insomnia, and/or weight gain the answers might be hiding in your long-term health history.   Lab tests are helpful because they can help you avoid disease and give you insight as to why you aren’t feeling great. […]

I Wish I Didn’t Do That Last Back Squat

I am no expert in weight lifting but I often see and treat the painful results of lifting heavy weights with compromised form. These injuries range from minor muscle strains to herniated inter-vertebral discs. You don’t want to experience these, especially the disc injuries. They cause permanent damage to disc cartilage and/or nerves and often create intense […]

It Doesn’t Hurt Because You’re Old, Tenderfoot!

Mysterious Tender Feet Could be Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. I’ve heard a few patient’s blame tender feet on getting old.  Well aging is almost always a factor related to chronic pain.  However if you feel like there’s not enough padding on the bottom of your feet with numbness and tingling you might have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. That’s […]

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