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Individual results may vary, testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are from real patients, and may not reflect the typical patient’s experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every person has unique level of commitment, experiences, exercise habits, eating habits, and applies the information in a different way. Thus, the experiences that we share from other people may not reflect the typical users’ experience. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what these patients have achieved. You should not begin our program if you have medical condition that precludes acupuncture. Julien Wellness is a wellness clinic of Licensed Acupuncturists that provide guidance and treatment within the legal scope of practice as regulated by the California State Board of Acupuncture.

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Consistent Track Record of Excellence
“Mike is a pro. His blend of acupuncture, deep tissue massage, and Eastern medicine has helped uncover important areas of therapy and focus for me. If you are looking for someone who really cares about creating positive outcomes for his clients, someone with experience and knowledge, Mike is your guy.”
Del Mar
“For someone who doesn’t like needles, Michael made me feel at ease immediately. He assessed my low-energy issues, and I felt noticeably better even after my first session. Things in my body that I didn’t realize were out of balance, such as my digestion, also improved. I have seen accelerations in my progress athletically and improvements in my energy levels throughout the day. I would certainly recommend Michael to anyone looking to improve a specific condition or their overall well-being.”
San Diego

This Stuff Works.

Our unique blend of holistic and orthopedic therapies gets ALL your body’s healing resources going in the same direction…

Sports Medicine Acupuncture® and Classical Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the most powerful ways to naturally stimulate your body’s innate healing process. It gets right to work repairing and restoring all cells and tissues. We integrate two styles of acupuncture to employ the best of contemporary and ancient healing methods boosting your body’s natural healing capabilities to reduce, pain and inflammation and optimize muscle and nerve function.

Targeted Massage Techniques

This is not spa type massage. Rather it is strategic healing therapy designed to restore full functionality and reduce pain in the targeted area. We may incorporate any combination of the following Myofascial Release, Tui Na, Soft Tissue Release, and PNF (assisted stretching). We have studied, delivered and taught these techniques extensively. Your practitioner chooses the most effective combination for your treatment plan to further the healing process.

Strategic Exercise Therapy

We’ll guide you in the process of furthering your own healing through therapeutic exercise instruction to correct range of motion, posture and muscle function issues. These simple but powerful exercises restore neuromuscular function and reduce pain for a new level of everyday vitality and performance. This helps you heal up now and empowers you to avoid further injury and dysfunction in the future. This means less degeneration, less pain, better performance and more happiness!

Natural Healing

Herbal Supplementation & Nutrition

Herbs simultaneously cure AND strengthen the body. This dual action is something unique to herbal medicine which makes it very well suited to treat chronic pain conditions. Herbal formulas are prescribed for you and your specific issues. Our herbal formulas are not used as a “one pill fits all” solution. These are powerful formulas designed especially for your body and the issues we want to heal.

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