Heal Your Low Back Presentation

Thursday July 26, 6-7:30pm at the Cardiff Public Library

low back pain

This Talk Is For You If:

  • You want to feel like yourself again without low back pain coloring everything you do
  • You are losing your desired fitness level because pain is keeping you from workouts and sports
  • You are frustrated because you haven’t been able to resolve your pain even after trying different kinds of healing techniques
  • You are over it and ready to have a pain-free, fully functioning body again


In This Talk You Will Learn:

  • About the hidden muscle dysfunction patterns causing your low back pain
  • That the cause of the pain might be in a totally different part of your body
  • 4 Key Steps to stopping your low back pain and getting back to the sports you love

Please RSVP on MeetUp at: www.meetup.com/Encinitas-Pain-Recovery-for-Athletes-40-and-Over/events/252657119/

You may also RSVP via email to: info@julienwellness.com
Presenters: Michael Julien, L.Ac. and Elyse Quartini, DPT

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Heal Your Low Back Presentation

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